What is a Career Mentor ?

Definition of Career Mentor

Career Mentor
A career mentor is someone who shares his knowledge and experience in order to help mentees towards their success. The mentor helps you to make good choices in your career, by offering advice and answering unformal questions that you may not be getting from your Career Center. The mentor acts as a coach or advisor.

What is the role of our Career Mentors ?

To Listen to their mentees !

The very first role of the career mentors is to listen to their mentee. Being a good listener is one of the key quality of the career mentor.

From the mentees’ point of view

Students or younger candidates may have ask a lot of questions about their career path, and it seems critical to get a good understanding of their state of mind to address them correctly. A relationship based on trust is very important.

To Share their work expertise !

The second role of the career mentor is to share his own path, explaining the positives and negatives about his job from a professional point of view.

From the mentees’ point of view

Mentees fairly hope to get “unformal” answers about the job they target. When contacting career mentors, they might be looking for quality feedbacks about the company their advisors work in. Honest sharing of experience is the key !

To Offer career advice !

The third important role of the career mentors is to offer career advice of course. As a professional, you advise your career mentees towards success. 

From the mentees’ point of view

Each and every professional probably remembers that his career path wasn’t crystal-clear as a student. Help your mentee building his career, clarifying his path, setting his goals at short/mid/long term and finally succeed. Your job is to give your best advice !

What are the Qualities of the Career Mentor ?

Be a good listener

Good career mentors are good listeners. Focus on the needs and goals of your mentee. 

Your mentee doesn’t hours and hours of talks, but a good and honest talk, with efficient guidance.

Love your job

Loving our job might be the key to explain it well, to talk about it with passion and give a good insight.

Your mentee doesn’t need you to be the most senior in the field to give good career advice.

Help others

Of course, you need to like helping others and guide them, with the warm reward of having helped others.

Your mentee does need you to grow and succeed in his professional path. Bring your input in his life ! 🙂


Select your availability

When signing up, you tell us what days you are available for your mentee, and you give us the right time for the call within these days.

Receive the notification

When a mentee selects you for a call, we send you his name, education background and phone number, and of course the timeslot chosen and the day.

Call your mentee for 15 MN

The call should last around 15 MN. We think it’s sufficient, but up to you to make it lasts. 🙂 We limit to 4 calls to mentees per month, 1H / Month max !

Registration takes around 7MN.
Do you have 7MN in front of You?