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Our service will always be free for You. It is our belief that each of you should have a FREE access to the right mentor to succeed in his career.


CallMyMentor works like the biggest Alumni network you can imagine. People within all sectors and all jobs are here to advise you on your career.


It’s effective because you talk directly to people already involved in your dream job. It’s a very good complement to your career center advice.


Select your mentor(s)

You can search your dream job directly and even by company you want to work for if you know it already. If you’re less sure, go for the sector you prefer.

Schedule a call

It’s super easy: just pick the most convenient day for you within time schedule of your mentor. You can see at what time will the mentor call you back.

The mentor calls you

The mentor will call you back and answer all your questions related to your dream job. How to prepare for job interviews? What to expect in his company?…

It takes 3 minutes between the search and the appointment, if you know your name and mail of course !

How CallMyMentor could be useful to you ?

Create connections to the right people for your career path

These connections you create with our career mentors could also help you with a future job leadIndeed, your mentor could provide an opportunity to build your professional network and if he likes you, he might have a job for you. A good career mentor could also make you benefit from his own network of connections

Prepare your job interviews with the help of your career mentor

Job interviews are one of the many things career mentors can help you with since they’ve most likely been in the same spot as you. They can answer all your formal and informal questions, advise on how to behave, what questions to prepare. It will definitely help you to pass the job interview.

Learn from real life experience

Your career mentor will provide you with valuable professional advice and insight into his own personal journey in the field or company that you have chosen. They can advise you on how best you can gain the skills and expertise you need for your dream job. He will share tips for your career path.

Mentor from CareerMentors
Mentor from CareerMentors

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