What People Say

What People Say about Arthur Brendze


Arthur has mentored me for close to a decade on everything from my relationships, to career, family life, spirituality and the fundamental questions about how to create a life that I love. What works so well for me is his particular combination of breadth and depth: in our meetings he shares both wisdom and keen insight as well as his compassionate, open heart. I am forever grateful to have found him and to have him on my team!” – S.D., Berkeley

It’s great having you in my corner, Arthur. Your depth of knowledge and wisdom constantly amaze me.” – D.L., Sausalito



Thanks for being the perfect sounding board, Arthur. You are a great listener and possesses an incredible combination of wisdom, knowledge and life experience. I know that I can always count on you to help me navigate the most challenging things in my life.” – J.P., San Francisco

I know that I can rely on you to be my advocate in every area of my life–romance, finance, career and family. I would not be who I am today without your steady hand and steadfast support.” – R.M.G, Boston

Arthur communicates in ways that often fascinate me. He is always easy to talk to, and I always know that I can talk to him about anything.” – H.D.S., Munich

“It’s awesome to have a trustworthy man of experience I can call to bounce things off of.” – R. W., Newport

Every area of my life has improved since I started working with you. I can’t explain it. Working with you just works.”  – M.S., Napa

Arthur has a gift for helping me find my way …not his way …my way.”  – D.B., NYC

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I love running my stuff by you. Your perspectives always ground me …help me find my way and deal with the shadows along the way.” H.B., Tel Aviv

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our son. Your insight and caring is much appreciated. His positive response to your work together has been amazing.  We are so grateful that he found you.” – A. H. Blue HiIl

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