Hello, my name is Arthur Brendze, and I enjoy mentoring people, especially young people, in their pursuit of healthy, happy, successful lives … as well as relationships of all types … while helping them discover a strong sense of what has heart and meaning for them as they adventure through life.

I want to make my long, rich and varied life-experience available to you. You can have it, whenever you want it, whenever you need it. I’m just a phone call away. I’m here to help …and I care. After all, you are a valuable human being, and you deserve to be mentored …and mentored well!



  • No need to be isolated and sit alone …with your questions about life unanswered.
  • No need to let stress make you unhappy …or even ill.
  • No need to have problems with friends, dating relationships, family, school or business …and have no trusted advisor to turn to for support and advice.




I offer a complimentary, 20-minute, introductory phone call at no further obligation to you at all.
Just schedule a call, say hello, and let’s see what happens.